How To Detect Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet

Louis Vuitton purse and accessories have always been demanded by people, who are in love with fashion. Whether it is a man or a woman, no one can deny about the elegance of this product. If you are also fond of the wallets or purses of this brand and planning to get one in your possession, you should be careful about your choice. Nowadays, there are several unscrupulous sellers, who sell replica of this brand. Therefore, when you are making the selection, you should not just consider about its price and design. You should also give due importance about judging its originality.

Price matters- When you are interested in buying Louis Vuitton products, you should never expect the deal to be cheaper. There are several stores, which claim for offering authentic Louis Vuitton products at an affordable price. Be careful about making a purchase from these stores as the accessories coming from this boutique is never cheap. This particular designer brand has always been about class, which is why, they have never settled for cheaper material or crafting. Thus, when you are getting it for cheap, there is a chance that you are settling for a replica.

Louis Vuitton is exclusively made in France- While purchasing a Louis Vuitton Wallet. , you should be careful about the fact that the products of this designer brand is just manufactured in France. Therefore, if any store claims it to be manufactured in any Asian countries with cheap labors, it is quite obvious that they are trying to usurp money in a false way. Though this is an exclusive boutique located in France, now there are some manufacturing centers in Western Europe. Yet, they follow the same manufacturing technique and offer similar quality of product.

Check the serial number and leather quality- The easiest way of identifying a wallet or purse of Louis Vuitton is by checking the serial number on it. Every product manufactured by this company has a distinct serial number, which helps in identifying it from the fake ones. Also the leather quality of wallets are quite different from the other brands. The shine and smoothness of the material has a distinctness of its own.

Louis Vuitton products are all about class and does not have a price tag attached to it. So, double-check with your seller, if it has a price tag. Also make sure to check the pattern of the products in the same line, as same pattern line has identical design.